Wet weather driving.

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Something very simple and really important for wet weather driving is, how clean is your windscreen? This includes the inside as much as the outside. If you haven’t cleaned the inside of your windscreen lately, do it now before the rain starts. Yes the inside of the windscreen. It is amazing how many people don’t know how important this is for wet weather driving. And…. please DON’T use news paper, the pint is oily and will smear.

Ordinary washing detergent in warm water is good or any good quality glass cleaner using paper toweling to apply and dry. If you haven’t cleaned the inside of the windows for a while you may have to do it more than once. Especially the windscreen, the use of plastic for the dashboard causes Polyester fall out when the sun shines on it and heats it. This fall out is in the form of a gas that then forms a film on the inside of the windscreen which then makes the windscreen foggy and difficult to demist when needed. This is why the inside may require cleaning more than once.