The silly season!!!

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Almost everyone living here in Perth has heard of the silly season!

It seems to start as the weather warms up around November and carries on through to  March.

It seems to happen on the roads as well or maybe especially on the roads with many drivers making some very elementary mistakes and some more serious mistakes.

We here at Road Rules Now have a theory that much of these lapses in judgement or ignoring of responsibilities is actually a result of dehydration. There have been many studies in the last decade that have well established how debilitating dehydration can be on brain function. It is not until something occurs that impacts your brain function that you realize how much cognitive processing is involved in driving a vehicle and how fast it needs to happen.

While we are encouraging drivers to carry water with them in the vehicles we are NOT encouraging you to drink while the vehicle is moving. While in the metro area there are more than enough short stops that will allow a quick drink to replenish your body.

It is a requirement that you drive safely and that requires you to have both hands on the wheel most of the time.

If you are not in the metro area and have been driving for some time, pulling over in a safe parking  stop to have a drink could actually be much more important to your cognitive process than just having a drink of water!