Red Light Runners

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The whole issue of vehicles pushing the boundaries at traffic lights  is, in all, pretty disturbing.  Many of us have witnessed vehicles continuing to enter intersections well after the green light has gone off and the amber light has been lit only to find that a vehicle or even two  push the boundary and go through after the red light is lit!

It is an offense not to stop on a amber light when the vehicle can be safely stopped before entering the intersection. It is most certainly an offense to enter the intersection on a red light simply to avoid stopping and saving a couple of minutes!

Drivers that continue to do this are putting themselves and other drivers at  enormous risk for the sake of a few minutes.

The current, Road Traffic Code 2000 Clearly states on page 75 (section 41.1) That a  driver is required to stop on a Amber light or arrow unless it is unsafe to do so. In other words you are not expected to slam on the brakes if the light turns amber but drivers are expected to stop under normal braking.

It  carries a penalty of 2 demerit points. Or 4 on a public holiday.

Not stopping for a red light carries a penalty of 3 demerit points and 6 on a public Holiday.

Going through a red light deliberately falls squarely in the realms of dangerous driving and needs to be treated as such.

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